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Jordan Davidson cradles her cello.

Jordan Davidson is a composer and visual artist inspired by her black ancestry. Jordan’s music transports you in a multisensory experience that is as poignant as it is creative.


She is classically trained as a composer and cellist and consistently produces new visual art – often to accompany her compositions. Her work is oriented toward creating safe spaces in art and conversation.


As a recent graduate summa cum laude of the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, she worked closely with Patrice Jackson-Tilghman on cello, and for composition she worked with Jonathan Bailey Holland, Marti Epstein, Eun Young Lee and Tina Tallon. 


With skill in writing for a variety of performing forces and a deep interest in Black Feminism she now studies as a PhD student at UC San Diego’s Music – Integrative Studies program.


Please explore the site to see a glimpse of her imagination.

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